Spring is here!!?

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Thank  you  SPRINGFIELD!!   What  a  great  day  to  be  here  in  Springfield!   Thanks  to  everyone  for  a  very  successful  2019 and  we  look  forward  to seeing  you  all  in  2020  and  seeing  how  our  store  transforms.      Springfield  ROCKS!!


About Us


Who They Are

Chuck and Alice were my grandparents.    Back  in  the  1930’s  they  lived  just  blocks  away  on  first  street  before  they  were  bought  out  to  put  in  apartments  and  what  is  now  Meadow  Park.    In   September  of  1938  they  were   married  at  the  Ebbert  Methodist  church  on  6th  and  C.    They  moved  up  to  Cedar  Flat  and  raised  four  boys  that  all  went  to  Thurston  High.  I am one of the many grandchildren and named the  shop  after them to pay tribute to a great Springfield Oregon love story.


Who We Are

I'm Christopher on the left and my partner of 30+ years is Michael on the right.  I was born at McKenzie Willamette right here in Springfield Oregon.  I grew up on Camellia St in springfield, just off of 42nd.  I attended Mt. Vernon, Springfield Middle and Thurston High.  I met Michael back in the 80's at  the  ‘new’  Safeway,  I  was  a  bag  boy.    He was here dancing for the Eugene Ballet Company.  How we met has a good version and one that doesn't make me look as good, I only tell that story after a few cocktails.  Michael was raised mostly in Seattle but spent almost every summer with his grandparents in Sutherlin/Oakland area.  We have lived a few different places since, including LA but Portland is where we spent most of our time.  I worked non stop for several different retailers helping set up and open multiple stores in the Portland area.  Michael and I have talked for years about me going out on my own and opening my own store and after our move back to Springfield we felt like this is as good a time as ever.  I am the one that will be running the shop but we are basically co-owners.  I look forward to meeting everyone that chooses to stop by and take a look and connecting with some old friends.  Stop by and say hi, maybe we even open a bottle of wine along the way.  


Fun Facts

I have a flair for the unusual and unique.  I'm doing my best to set up a boutique that doesn't look similar to other stores in the city.  I'm also trying to ensure that what you buy at my shop won't be seen in one of those large cooperation big box stores.  I will do my best to only sell things that I would want in my own home or to give as a gift.  It's actually been pretty hard to put this stuff up for sell already as I want the stuff that I've bought.  And guys, it's not just for women.  You won't have to wait outside and stare at your phone, come on in and look around.  

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Chuck and Alice

136 South 6th Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477, United States

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